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Photos of near-empty shelves at their local supermarkets were trending on Twitter. The crunch came after Calbee warned on Monday that it would temporarily halt the sale of 15 types of potato chips due to a bad crop in Hokkaido, a key potato-producing region. The northern island was hit by a record number of typhoons last year. Calbee, which has a market value of 507.9 billion yen and is 20 percent-owned by PepsiCo, has a 73 percent market share of potato chips. Potato chips are a big deal in Japan, a country also known for its senbei rice crackers and Pocky sticks. Calbees potato-snack products were the most and second-most popular snacks in a TV Asahi poll of 10,000 people and 13 confectionery makers last year, and the subject of a primetime show that lasted more than two hours. While the focus has been on potato chips following Calbees announcement, the shortage may spread to fast-food chains and restaurants that rely on spuds for กระเป๋า MANGO ราคาถูก their dishes in what appears to be shaping up to be the nations Potato Crisis, according to the Nikkei newspaper. Were doing everything we can to resume sales again, said Rie Makuuchi , a spokeswoman for Tokyo-based Calbee. She said the company will consider using more imported potatoes from the U.S. and ask potato farmers in the southern island of Kyushu to harvest their crop earlier than scheduled. She also cited regulatory hurdles, which limit the amount of imported potatoes that can be used in products, as partly responsible for the shortage.

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fake news image Image copyright Reuters Image caption A left-wing fake story falsely claimed police had raided a protestors camp at Standing Rock and burnt it down By using specialist software, the company's researchers then followed readers' online behaviour to get an idea of who and where they were. "On the left if you're consuming fake news you're 34 times more likely than the general population to be a college graduate," says Green. If you're on the right, he says, you're 18 times more likely than the general population to to be in the top 20 percent of income earners. And the study revealed another disturbing trend: the more you consume fake news, the more likely you are to vote. It's "fascinating and frightening at the same time," says Green. Confirmation bias One of the reasons for the growth in liberal fake news is financial. "Those people who generate this kind of fake news don't care about politics. They just care about generating clicks, and so sometimes they generate similar messages for the right and the left," says Filippo Menczer, a professor of Informatics and Computer Science at Indiana University who runs the fake news tracking site Hoaxy. More from BBC Trending Visit the Trending Facebook page As for where the market for liberal fake news comes from, according to Claire Wardle, who is a research director at First Draft - a non-profit organisation which is looking for solutions around trust and truth in the digital age - the appetite stems from so-called confirmation bias. "People like to share information that makes them feel good, " she says. "Many people on the left right now are feeling overwhelmed and fearful and unsure of what's going to happen next.

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