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by getting out on his motorcycle, riding around the villages of Cambridgeshire and signing up the workers to the union," he said. Perhaps he's fortunate that great-grandad wasn't around to see young Robert as a Conservative, or he might have suffered the fate of Ernest Millington. A Westminster contemporary of Stubbs, he won a by-election just before the end of the war for Commonwealth, a radical party of the left. As a teenager in the early 1930s, Ernest had polished his platform performance at Speakers' Corner. Years later, when I interviewed him for BBC Radio 4, he told me how his father, a former soldier and a working-class Tory, had heard his son speaking and was disgusted by it. Political difference wasn't the proximate cause, but Millington junior believed it contributed to his father throwing him out of the family home when he was just 16 years old. Both men clashed with Churchill in the Commons. Millington told me he'd elbowed the Conservative leader out of the way in order to speak from the opposition despatch box as a party leader (albeit a parliamentary party of just one), while Robert Courts recounted how Churchill responded to an intervention from his great-grandfather by dismissing him as "ignorant". Yet Churchill, too, would have struggled with a game of happy political families. Like his father Lord Randolph, a youthful chancellor of the exchequer whose brilliant career was cut short by resignation and then an early death, Winston was a Conservative; but his father would not have approved of his son "ratting" on the Tories by joining the Liberals in the early years of the 20th Century.

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