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Juli Leonard, Raleigh News & Observer West Regional librarian Cathy Pedalino, left, packs an Express Book Bag at her cart after a toddler story time กระเป๋าสตางค์ ราคา at the library in Cary, N.C Psst, in this NC county, you can have a personal librarian Stacy Chandler The News & Observer Jan 13, 2017 0 Juli Leonard, Raleigh News & Observer West Regional librarian Cathy Pedalino, left, pushes her cart behind parents after a toddler story time at the library in Cary, N.C. Juli Leonard, Raleigh News & Observer West Regional librarian Cathy Pedalino, left, packs an Express Book Bag at her cart after a toddler story time at the library in Cary, N.C RALEIGH, N.C. When Wake County Public Libraries staff members decided they wanted to better reach out to grownups, they started at story time. There, a captive (truly!) audience watches as their kids get joyfully immersed in books, but there is rarely time or energy left over afterward for mom or dad to visit the other side of the library to get a little something for themselves. So the librarians started coming to them, touting the library systems Express Book Bags program. At one story time, parents can fill out a short form asking about favorite books and authors, not-so-favorite books and authors, กระเป๋าเป้ facebook preferred genres and more; and by the next story time, a bag will be waiting with three books handpicked by librarians already checked out and ready to go. The program was a hit, and last fall the systems seven regional libraries rolled out Express Book Bags to all adults, with forms available online or at the main desk. Kelly Karius, a mom of three in Apex, first heard about the program during a story time at Eva Perry Regional Library last fall and decided the time was right to give it a กระเป๋าเป้เดินทาง try. I finally got my daughter sleeping through the night, so Im able to stay up later and do something, she said.

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