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But ties hit a low in 2013, after Sisi overthrew President Mohamed Mursi, banned the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization and jailed many of its supporters. Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, a militant group that emerged in North Sinai in the chaos of 2011 and initially attacked Egypt's gas pipelines to Israel, turned its guns on Egyptian forces. In 2014, it joined Islamic State and has since attacked in Cairo, killing 28 people in a church in December. 'EARLY TO TALK OF TRADE' Blockaded by Israel and facing the closure of their only other outlet, Gazans dug thousands of tunnels to smuggle in building materials and consumer goods and, according to Egyptian officials, smuggle out arms and fighters. In a bid to crush the militants, Egypt's military razed hundreds of homes and destroyed at least 2,000 tunnels. Curfews, checkpoints and air strikes have devastated an area that once drew holidaymakers to its Mediterranean shore. The desire to secure the area and restore a semblance of normality is as strong for Egypt, which wants to lure back foreign investors who fled after 2011, as it is for Gazans. Egyptians who organized the Palestinian conferences suggested the border might be reopened to trade for 10 or 15 days at a time - rather than a few days every six weeks at present - to build trust. But the ultimate aim is more ambitious; a free trade area and an industrial zone on the Egyptian side to facilitate commerce, allow Gazans to travel abroad, and create jobs for those who might otherwise join the militants. "We've gotten to a point now with Hamas where we're working on a framework on which to build for the coming period, and this will be contingent upon controlling the borders and the crossing will be open routinely," said Tareq Fahmy, of the state-linked National Center for Middle East Studies, which co-organized two Palestinian conferences last year. "We're thinking of direct trade and all this is pivotal for our brothers in Hamas and the จำหน่าย ครีมหน้าใส Gaza Strip, but ...

(DNKN) Add Bloomberg Andy Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants, will face a Senate confirmation hearing this week. On Thursday the Senate Committee on Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions will hold confirmation hearings for Andy Puzder to be secretary of labor. Puzder is the most important nominee for President Donald Trumps Cabinet, because Trump campaigned on a promise of bringing back jobs and Puzder knows how to do that. Trumps presidency will ultimately be judged not by the wall, not by the existence of transgender bathrooms, not by the eradication of ISIS, but by whether people feel they are economically better off. In order to believe that they are better off, people need not just jobs, but the prospect of upward mobility. They want to feel as though they are on an upward escalator, not that they are standing still. Thats where Andy Puzder comes in. If confirmed as Labor Department secretary, he will be able to make it easier for employers to create jobs by making sense of the onslaught of regulations that his predecessor, Thomas Perez, imposed on employers. He would be in a position to roll back those that are unduly burdensome and impede hiring. Andy Puzder knows what it is like to start out with an entry-level wage and work up, because he did it.

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