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Both sides later claimed they inflicted higher casualties on their enemy. Ukraine's military says 15 rebel soldiers were killed and 24 wounded, and that government troops seized one separatist position. The rebels say more than 25 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and more than 40 wounded. Both claims have not been independently verified. More stories from Ukraine: What is the Minsk ceasefire deal? More than 9,700 people have died since the conflict erupted in 2014, as Russia annexed Ukraine's southern Crimea peninsula, and pro-Russian rebels later launched an insurgency in the east. A ceasefire was eventually agreed in February 2015 but there have been frequent violations. The latest truce began on 23 December. Ukrainian forces say the fresh outbreak of fighting began when rebels launched an attack on Avdiivka, a flashpoint town held by the army that borders land controlled by the separatists.

Doctors use growth factor to protect the retina in diabetics "By giving parents the right information at the right time, we empower them to make informed choices," Owlet said in a response to the JAMA opinion piece. The company said its mission is to "help parents take a proactive approach to their baby's health and wellness." Bonafide learned of these new baby monitors when a parent brought her healthy baby to the emergency room after an alarm sounded. "Her baby was completely fine, yet because there was an alarm, it had prompted the family to come to the emergency room," he said. "The docs there were prompted to say, 'Well, if this alarm went off, maybe we should admit for observation.' " False alarms can occur if babies set off the monitor by kicking or rolling, or experience a harmless change in their vitals that the device reads as life-threatening, Bonafide said. For example, research has shown that babies occasionally experience sudden declines in their blood oxygen levels that would set off a monitor, he said. "They're just normal fluctuations," Bonafide said, adding that the alarm would have parents think otherwise. Babies brought in on a false alarm are likely to undergo blood tests, เสื้อผ้าเด็กอ่อน X-rays and other procedures that are expensive ชุดเด็ก and potentially harmful, Bonafide said. These false alarms also fray the nerves of sleep-deprived young parents, he added. One mother told Bonafide that her baby monitor had been waking her up an extra three or four times a week with false alarms. "That's a big deal if you're already being woken up every two or three hours a night by the baby," he said. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends against using these high-tech baby monitors in healthy infants, said Dr.

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